Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Still Here but Mostly on Instagram

Since my last blog post quite a while ago, I've been spending my time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post any art related updates. Some of you have known that, but for anyone who isn't familiar with my other 'homes,' I invite you to please check out my other social media aside from my website.

Please find me under my user name @heidialamanda - it's quite easy to remember, just exactly like this blog's name :)

Some changes in life circumstances have made my other 'homes' more accommodating at this time. I can post quicker updates on any ongoing paintings in progress or little sculptures on progress, or any art related events.

Last year, I returned from my trip feeling inspired and ecstatic, with hundreds of photos from Nice - my home away from home - and surrounding places waiting for me to share to this blog. I was eager to explore any potential inspirations and see where it might lead, but life showed its fragility in turn.  I thought at first it was just some hiccups in life that should be over soon, but instead it took a further unexpected sad turn. I lost my brother, and at this age I found myself as an only child.  Living away from home, I'm constantly worried about my parents but I wasn't so worried for my brother because I knew him to be so healthy, active, and really incredibly productive. I just never saw it coming and it felt so unreal. I guess it wasn't until I stood there in front of his grave then I realized he was really gone :(  So many other things, too personal to share, made his passing even more painful.

I have been slowly putting my life back together, but I'm still here creating art, and for right now, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are better suited to my need of sharing my works - see you there :)

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