Monday, August 16, 2010

Just More Paintings in Progress

I got invited to an Art Show. The theme is 80's Horror Movies. Yup, it'll be held around Halloween. When I got the invitation, my immediate thought was...hmmm I haven't watched Horror movies in ages. Perhaps when I was in high school? I remember it was The Omen and it wasn't really that scary but left an unpleasant feeling and of course gave me a bad dream. It wasn't cool at all since I had to get up at 4.15am the next morning.
I did some reading of the movies listed for the show and decided to pick Poltergeist. I've never seen it, so we rented it and watched it in the morning (bad dream avoidance strategy). After playing around with some ideas in my head for two days, I came up with something. I sketched it, drew it, did a bit of adjustment, transferred it, and am now painting it.
Like any other paintings I did, I have no idea how this one will turn out. Every layer is always a journey.

I was actually working on this when I got the invitation. This one will have to wait for a bit. One love at a time

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Weekend Story

We went to NYC last Saturday to attend Last Rites Gallery "New Breed II" exhibition opening. My friend, Mark Elliott, got three paintings there and I had been looking forward to seeing his wonderful artwork for a while. DH thought that we should go to Cafe Zaiya at Kinokuniya bookstore before heading out to the gallery...great idea! Their green tea frappe is to die for...yumm. DH found a parking a spot 3 blocks from the gallery and we took a cab to Kinokuniya. We got two green tea frappes, two chocolate cakes, one beef bowl for sharing, plus a bag of butter bread, vanilla cream bread, peanut butter cream bread and green tea rolls to go. Can't you tell that I love cake and buttery yummy bread?
Having all of those treats with a great view facing Bryant Park....ooh so good!
We had a quick browse of the bookstore before taking a cab back to our car. So we were in happy mood walking to our car, until we saw that the  passenger window was broken! A jerk had broken into our car thought there was a camera inside DH camera bag. Luckily, DH brought his camera with him. Nothing else was missing, and I was so glad that jerk didn't even take the camera bag. I would be sad to see it gone (and the lens in it) since DH did a lot of research before finding a comfy bag.
DH dropped me off at the gallery and I did see Mark for a bit. His paintings are awesome. They're all acrylics but you wouldn't have known that if you didn't see the description. The luminosity is amazing. You may have seen his works in Spectrum books, but you need to see it in person.
I took some quick snap of some paintings in the gallery before leaving. What a day!

Delicious goodness green tea frappes and chocolate cakes....slurrpirific


Another Sniff

Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott

Natalie Shau

Mark Elliott

Angie Mason

Some photos from Last Rites Gallery

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hidden Feelings

I posted two progress shots of my newest painting before. So here's the final result.

Title: Hidden Emotionsoil on linen. 16"x20". 2010

I'm currently having some projects in the studio. I started a small painting on wood panel, got an initial sketch for painting on linen, and some drawings. I'm loving the process of painting on wood panel so far. I can see how some artists prefer to paint on wood instead on canvas or linen. Laying colors on wood is just effortless, everything glides like butter..haha...if that even makes sense, but you know what I meant.
I will post the photo as soon as I'm done and perhaps scan some of the drawings as well.