Thursday, February 16, 2012

I ♥ NYC: Some Galleries Visit and Yumminess

We went to the city to pick up some paperwork, then did some blog hopping around Chelsea and had a really nice dinner before heading home.
Some photos

(all photos  © Alamanda Art. Original works © their respective creators. All rights reserved.)

Rush Arts Gallery

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Russel Fredrick (Left)
Guenter Knop  (Right)
Baron Clairbone


Alaric Campbell

From right to left: Ingrid Baars, Dexter Jones, Quazi King

Sean Antherley

 Lio Malca Gallery
Will Ryman Exhibition

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First Street Gallery

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 BravinLee programs Gallery

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Katie Armstrong

 Andrea Meislin Gallery

Alexander Gray Associates Gallery

Galerie Protégé

Dana Gentile
Stopping by at Chelsea Market on our way to the restaurant

Yummy dinner at Tia Pol

Printed Matter book store

Oil Painting in Progress

One oil painting currently on my easel. I have some ideas going on in my head for next paintings, so I have to make sure to finish this one before my attention gets diverted:)