Monday, May 30, 2011

New Painting "Remember to Fall in Love"

Hello hello, it has been feeling hot and humid starting last week. I'm quite sure my parents back home would mock me for calling this temperature hot while they have to endure 90ish F everyday. DH put the air conditioner in my room last week to prevent me from melting away:) My brain can't function properly while migraine will insist to linger when the day is too hot. I still have one painting in progress, and currently starting a drawing. I got this really vague visual in my head that I just needed to capture before it would be gone. I will post the progress another time but meanwhile, here's one of the paintings I finished recently:

Remember to Fall in Love
oil on linen. 20" by 24". 2011
You can also view it a higher res version here

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aron Wiesenfeld exhibit at Arcadia Fine Arts

I've been wanting to check out Aron Wiesenfeld's show at Arcadia Fine Arts  for a while.  We couldn't make it to the opening because it was a bit too close to the opening at Like the Spice. In my ideal imaginary world, I actually lived in Soho, could take a train to Brooklyn, and walked to Arcadia gallery the next day to see the opening:)

DH has to work this weekend so he offered to drive us there last Wednesday.  Also, the gallery, via its twitter, told me that some of Wiesenfeld's works had left the building so I definitely needed to go there even sooner. After we found a parking garage, we walked to the gallery. The weather was quite nice to walk around Soho that day.  Right after we opened the gallery's door, we saw some of Wiesenfeld's works hung on the wall. I noticed that most of them were sold. Some of the sold ones still hung on the wall, but most of them weren't there anymore. However, there were still some of his old drawings and paintings hung on the wall.  The images in Aron Wiesenfeld's  drawings and paintings are alluring.  I couldn't help but wanting to see each image more because each one made me want to know more of the story since each image was like a fragment of a story.

It was also a treat to find many more beautiful artworks hung on the back of the gallery. The gallery showcases contemporary, representational artwork. You'll find paintings by Jeremy Lipking, Malcolm T. Liepke, Peter Greaves, Michael Klein, Joseph Todorovich, Steven Skollar, Nancy Depew, and many more when you visit Arcadia. I have to admit that checking out Arcadia's website, facebook to peek some paintings have been my guilty pleasure during my painting break, so I'm really glad we could finally make it there:)

I highly recommend checking out Arcadia Fine Arts if you're in the area. There will be a next show at the gallery "The New Faces Of Realism"  group show opening June 23rd. It should be a great show

Arcadia Fine Arts

51 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013
telephone:   212.965.1387           

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 6pm

Some photos from the gallery:
(all photos by David F. Luecke, © Alamanda Art. Original works © their respective creators. All rights reserved.)

Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld
Wall Flower

 Peter Greaves
Her Mother's Nightie

Joseph Todorovich
Sleeping Figure

 Joseph Todorovich
Nymph and Satyr

Malcolm T. Liepke
Before the Show

 Malcolm T. Liepke
Backwards Glance

 Malcolm T. Liepke
Time to Go Home

 Malcolm T. Liepke

Malcolm T. Liepke
News of the Day

Malcolm T. Liepke
Before the Show

 Steven Skollar
Big Blue
 Nathalie Featherston
Take Me Out to The Ballgame
Natalie Featherston

Arcadia Fine Arts

Jefferson Hayman
My Wingtips
Jefferson Hayman

Michael Chapman
North American Pastoral
Robert Liberace
Nancy Depew

Nancy Depew

Nancy Depew

Nancy Depew

Michael Klein
Daniel Adel

Gary Weisman
Primary Tangent

Gary Weisman

 Jeremy Lipking
Jeremy Lipking

Zhao Kai Lin
Listening to the Rain

Paul Raymond Seaton
The Japanese Vase

DH took me to Mooncake Foods for lunch. We had  crawfish dumplings for starter, then  I had a tasty place of Octopus and Spinach Noodle Salad with spicy tamarind dressing while DH had Lemon Grass Shrimp. Pretty tasty and reasonably priced. We stopped by at Anthropologie for my pretty visual treat (there isn't Anthropologie in New Haven) and grabbed some desserts to go at CeciCela on our way to the parking garage. We got to CeciCela right when they were about to close, but one nice shop lady actually let us in...yayyy! We quickly picked our treats and left. Enough fun things, now it's time for me to retreat to my painting cave and focus on my drawing for next painting:)

Interesting colorful background:)

Puffy Stylish Lion at Jerome Dreyfuss Paris

Totoro backpack is so cute!

Octopus and Spinach Noodle Salad with Spicy Tamarind Sauce at Mooncake Cafe

Monday, May 16, 2011

May Painting in Progress

Hello beautiful readers, I hope you're all doing well:) I can feel that summer is currently lurking around the corner.  Born and raised in a tropical island should've made me a summer lover girl, but the truth is, summer is my least favorite season. I'll stick with fall and spring.   These past two weeks haven't been kind for my creative flow as I felt so blurry and run down. It might be allergic reaction to something in the air....I'm not sure. It made me sluggish and missing Indonesian-style home-cooked meals. I did cook some porridge as my comfort food and pretended that I was back home. I cooked it my style with shiitake mushroom broth and topped it with scallion, happy egg, fried onion, and tortured tofu. I called it tortured because I made the tofu crispy and caramelized using sweet soy sauce without mercy...mwuahaha.

I also did manage to get out from my painting cave with DH's help. We actually went to Brooklyn to attend Jenny Morgan's opening at Like the Spice Gallery. You view some of the images from the opening on my previous post.

Some updates around the studio. I've actually finished three paintings but I haven't posted the final images yet. DH needs to set an impromptu studio every time we need to take photos for the website. You know, the ones that aren't blurry like most painting in progress photos I've posted here:)
I'm starting a new painting , which still requires more long hours to finish. The picture below is basically some earlier stages of the painting. It's way too far from completion as it still needs more Heidi's love and affection.

Christian Gancitano, the curator for Sanrio for Smiles Milan Exhibition just shared the flyer, invitation, and press release for the show. I wish I could see the show and MiJapan festival. DH and I were tempted to fly there for a couple of days, but that temptation was crushed by realizing his passport has gone through the laundry and needs replacement. They're all in Italian, but I'll post the English version once Christian has them ready:)

Oh and here's a sketch that I did recently:)

And I really couldn't function properly without this bowl of porridge