Monday, May 16, 2011

May Painting in Progress

Hello beautiful readers, I hope you're all doing well:) I can feel that summer is currently lurking around the corner.  Born and raised in a tropical island should've made me a summer lover girl, but the truth is, summer is my least favorite season. I'll stick with fall and spring.   These past two weeks haven't been kind for my creative flow as I felt so blurry and run down. It might be allergic reaction to something in the air....I'm not sure. It made me sluggish and missing Indonesian-style home-cooked meals. I did cook some porridge as my comfort food and pretended that I was back home. I cooked it my style with shiitake mushroom broth and topped it with scallion, happy egg, fried onion, and tortured tofu. I called it tortured because I made the tofu crispy and caramelized using sweet soy sauce without mercy...mwuahaha.

I also did manage to get out from my painting cave with DH's help. We actually went to Brooklyn to attend Jenny Morgan's opening at Like the Spice Gallery. You view some of the images from the opening on my previous post.

Some updates around the studio. I've actually finished three paintings but I haven't posted the final images yet. DH needs to set an impromptu studio every time we need to take photos for the website. You know, the ones that aren't blurry like most painting in progress photos I've posted here:)
I'm starting a new painting , which still requires more long hours to finish. The picture below is basically some earlier stages of the painting. It's way too far from completion as it still needs more Heidi's love and affection.

Christian Gancitano, the curator for Sanrio for Smiles Milan Exhibition just shared the flyer, invitation, and press release for the show. I wish I could see the show and MiJapan festival. DH and I were tempted to fly there for a couple of days, but that temptation was crushed by realizing his passport has gone through the laundry and needs replacement. They're all in Italian, but I'll post the English version once Christian has them ready:)

Oh and here's a sketch that I did recently:)

And I really couldn't function properly without this bowl of porridge

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