Monday, August 15, 2011

More progress and Some Random Drawings

I'm trying to console my poor lonely blog after being neglected for two weeks. Sometimes things just happen and they really keep you from doing other things as planned. I'm completely amazed by anyone who still can put their paintings/drawings out there constantly while maintaining their Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ regularly, and talking to people there regularly. They must have like a set of invisible octopus hands to type and do other things :)

Here's the latest progress. Some layers and additional touch are still needed here and there, but the major things were done. I just needed to focus on the small bits, but that's actually the hardest part because it's when my attention is kind of diverted. However, I've learned over time that it always feels better to nurture my emotional connection to the piece than to try finish it in a rush and neglecting that feeling.