Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another painting (this time with chubby Koala)

I did a bit of my other painting today since I felt uninspired with my current girl. It's pretty common with me . I'll get uninspired while I'm still working on something so I'll get back to my other unfinished paintings. That progress pic is kinda cropped in a weird way...hmmm. Will take better image of it next time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Painting in rainy day

It's finally cooling down..pheww. My room feels way nicer for painting. Things have been kind of slow with my paintings. A bit of errands and fun. We went to see D-9 last week. Nice movie but just way too sad.
Anyway, D took mr. canon today so I only relied on mr. casio to take pictures of what I'm currently working on.
As you can see, the smaller canvas is actually resting on a chair. It's still an early stage. I just started yesterday. I've already had an idea of what I'm going to paint for my next big canvas, so I really need to get my current painting done ^_^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Painting in the weekend

It's morning and feels humid already. Being born and raised in a tropical island doesn't mean I'm used to it. I'm having my morning caffeine boost at the moment and thinking how lucky I am. I'll take care of laundry and go back to paint some more. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
That painting is one of my early paintings not so long ago.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another painting in progress in this hot day

It's almost 11 PM and it's still hot. I worked on the big canvas again today. I need to work more on the background and little details around it. Pardon me for the quality. I'm just not a good photographer. Also, my room is kind of small so it's hard to move the easel around for picture.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Painting break

I didn’t get much painting done today for a fun reason. We went to see District 9. Although it was sad, the movie was really good. I had to cover my face couple times when they showed throwing up scene ( I can’t stand it) or when there was bloody chopping scene. The actor reminded me of Steve Carrell from The Office, in fact, the opening scene was kind of a depressing Dunder MifflinJ

I also finally got Hi Fructose from Borders. I couldn’t find it at B&N so I was excited to find the one and only copy at Borders. All those talents sometimes make me depressed because they are just so crazy skilled and I just don’t know when I can reach their skill.

I haven’t taken any pictures of my painting progress. I will post this cute picture from the anime I’ve been watching recently before bedtime. Yes, I’m watching anime from the cute one, cheesy one to robot. I really am not that grown up.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Painting in this hot day

It really is hot today. My studio/office doesn't have a/c, so it's really miserable for me to paint under this heat.
I'm working on the other painting that I've been abandoning for weeks. I started the girl with black hair then it didn't feel right, so I changed it to auburn tone. She's almost done and now I have to work on other tiny details surrounding her.

A bit recap of my weekend. We went to Chelsea for opening reception of Summer Exhibition at Joshua Liner gallery. The place got packed really fast. We spent enough time in the gallery until it was difficult for us to move around.
The painting below is by Tat Ito. The image is only partially of the real one. the painting itself was huge (84x72). It was really interesting. He painted a maze with lot of little people trying to get away from it. Each of those people had different facial expression.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Koala Studio

I doodled a koala and posted it, so I guess I have a blog now. This will be where I'm going to put my art related stuff.
I finally got myself a big easel last week. Painting a big canvas while sitting on the floor was quite rough for my back. The easel was a good bargain. It's pretty basic but works nicely.