Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Painting break

I didn’t get much painting done today for a fun reason. We went to see District 9. Although it was sad, the movie was really good. I had to cover my face couple times when they showed throwing up scene ( I can’t stand it) or when there was bloody chopping scene. The actor reminded me of Steve Carrell from The Office, in fact, the opening scene was kind of a depressing Dunder MifflinJ

I also finally got Hi Fructose from Borders. I couldn’t find it at B&N so I was excited to find the one and only copy at Borders. All those talents sometimes make me depressed because they are just so crazy skilled and I just don’t know when I can reach their skill.

I haven’t taken any pictures of my painting progress. I will post this cute picture from the anime I’ve been watching recently before bedtime. Yes, I’m watching anime from the cute one, cheesy one to robot. I really am not that grown up.

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