Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Japan Cinema Creative Interviews Vol. I, painting in progress shot and other artsy things

Hello hello,
I have been slow in updating this blog...whoops :)  I'm still working on this painting (picture below) and it takes longer than my previous paintings since there are a lot of new challenges in this piece; something that I've never experienced before. Producing like a racing machine and leaving my soul somewhere in the middle of that sprinting aren't my goals. I need to translate what I feel onto canvas. If it has to take a bit longer than I will embrace that process :)

Other exciting news. I'm part of Japan Cinema Creative Interviews Vol. I. I wrote before about my interview with Japan Cinema. Well, Marcello Milteer compiled those creative interviews into a book. You can purchase the book here, and also check out their inspiring website.

Book cover (not my artwork :) )
I've been having an affair with acrylics and colored pencils in between working on my current painting :)  Sometimes I just need to keep myself creatively fresh by doing something different and experimenting a bit. I'm sure my painting will understand that..hehe