Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Panda in Progress

Hello hello,
Another progress shot of my latest painting.

I'm still not quite happy with her overall look and the background. I'll work some more.
I'm also in the middle of cleaning my other desk, where I put some of my fashion magazines, art books, and my drawings. I want to try to sculpt and I need a space. It will be something tiny, perhaps the size of a mini Blythe doll...something simple. I've been doing research for these past three days about which material I should use. I first thought of polymer clay, but then I don't have a toaster to bake it, besides it'll be smelly. So I said nay to polymer clay. Then I read about no bake clay. It sounded nice and easy to work with. I bought the clay, simple tools and an instruction book. We'll see how I like it.
I don't have plan to switch to sculpting at all. It's just something that I've been wanting to try for a while. I'll be good to nourish my artistic spirit for painting ^_^

Oh, we did go to Michael Shapcott's opening last week. It was a nice day. My honey and I went to a Korean restaurant before the opening...yummm. The Gallery itself was located near that restaurant. The opening was really cool. Michael was friendly and we talked for a bit to him before the gallery got more crowded. We also got a chance to meet David Apuzzo, the Gallery owner, and Melissa, Mike's fiancee.
Here are some of the photos from the opening

Now I need to get back cleaning my desk:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Finished Painting and More in Progress. Happy yayy!

I have finally finished the painting I showed you last time. I worked on the last details yesterday and fixed tiny things that didn't look right. My sweetie took a photo of it and he also updated my website with the new image. I really really really appreciate that:)

 Here's the pic that's also up on my website

I Can't Please Everyone
oil on linen. 20"x24"

I started working on another one

I snapped this one with my camera. You can see the different in quality between these two images:). I'll be working on her for a while until the whole thing just looks right to me. Will keep you updated.

We're going to see Michael Shapcott's show today. It's called Onawa, which means wide awake. It should be a pretty cool show and I'm excited to see his works in person.

I hope you've had beautiful Spring so far and have a great weekend:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Painting in progress and Happy Easter

It's quite warm today and feels really pleasant although my creativity seems to get along better with overcast day. Don't ask me why:) I grew up in a tropical island, so I should have loved sunny days more, right?
I've been drawing and painting. Got two new drawings that I had transferred on canvas. Currently working on this one (taken using my digital camera). I only ask my personal photographer (^_^) to take the final photo. I can only press the button...that's how lousy I am.

I used slightly different approach. Normally, I would paint loosely on the underpainting stage and worked further refining it on the later stages. But I tried to spend time on the first underpainting layer on this one. We'll see how it goes.

Something that I really look forward this month. Mark Ryden will have a solo show in New York..wohoo. I'm so excited. Fingers crossed that nothing will prevent us from going there.
I first saw his paintings around 2006/2007. I didn't paint that time. In fact, I didn't do any art related things at all. Finding him, and also other artists on the internet and magazines like Hi Fructose had really opened my eyes that I wanted to follow my passion and develop my own artistic style.
That's the reason I really look forward to seeing his show. I bet the show will be super packed and there is small chance I can say hello to him. Oh well, seeing his beautiful paintings is good enough for me.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter