Friday, April 2, 2010

Painting in progress and Happy Easter

It's quite warm today and feels really pleasant although my creativity seems to get along better with overcast day. Don't ask me why:) I grew up in a tropical island, so I should have loved sunny days more, right?
I've been drawing and painting. Got two new drawings that I had transferred on canvas. Currently working on this one (taken using my digital camera). I only ask my personal photographer (^_^) to take the final photo. I can only press the button...that's how lousy I am.

I used slightly different approach. Normally, I would paint loosely on the underpainting stage and worked further refining it on the later stages. But I tried to spend time on the first underpainting layer on this one. We'll see how it goes.

Something that I really look forward this month. Mark Ryden will have a solo show in New York..wohoo. I'm so excited. Fingers crossed that nothing will prevent us from going there.
I first saw his paintings around 2006/2007. I didn't paint that time. In fact, I didn't do any art related things at all. Finding him, and also other artists on the internet and magazines like Hi Fructose had really opened my eyes that I wanted to follow my passion and develop my own artistic style.
That's the reason I really look forward to seeing his show. I bet the show will be super packed and there is small chance I can say hello to him. Oh well, seeing his beautiful paintings is good enough for me.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter


zoe said...

i love the colors on this one, it's really looking great!
i am the same with the camera, haha...

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Zoe:)
haha glad I'm not the only one kinda lame with camera:)