Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished Painting and Other Progress

It's snowing today...sooo pretty. I may have thought differently if I had to wander outside:)
Anyway, my sweetie took a photo of my finished painting today. He's going to take another photo for the website when the day isn't so gloomy. If you read my blog then you are probably aware of how not fond I'm at taking photo let alone editing it. Camera and I don't go along well.

                                     Title: Can We Live in Bed?
18"x24" oil on linen.©Heidi Alamanda  2010

And my progress from the latest one

It's still long way to go and I'll keep you posted the progress.

Curt Anderson, from Urban-Muse just "Indonesian at Heart" as their favorite fan submission. You can check it here.  

Time for me to paint some more until my tummy whines "please Heidi, feed me"
Have a great weekend:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Painting. New Progress

The previous painting I posted is still in the making. It needs some touch ups, but it gives me time to work on another painting. I've transferred the drawing to canvas, refined it a bit, then laid underpainting to the whole thing. That way I can start working on that on Monday after the paint is dry.

I just found this really cool blog from Richard Scarry and The Chipster (Chippy Coates) You may have read some of the interviews they wrote on Juxtapoz.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slowly Emerging

I know I know I've been a slacker in updating. If you paint in oils, perhaps you know that sometimes your day goes by from giving lots of love to your paint:)
I got two new drawings done. I only took picture one of them. I'm still working on the same girl. She still needs tons of love, but I'll share her progress.

New drawing that is going to be my next project.
I will keep you posted for more progress.
Also, my sweetie just posted two more images and updated my website,

Other fun things
Peter Chan tweeted about this funny thing of living as an artist. I think it's hilarious.

The talented Tessar Lo also just blogged about his recent solo opening at Show&Tell Gallery. There was also a short interview with him on late night in the bedroom. After watching that interview, I began to understand more of his artwork. It was interesting of how he thought Indonesia as a big jungle since he relocated to Canada when he was little..hehe. Well, I only thought it was funny since I was born and raised there. If I weren't from there I might have had super crazy imagination about it.

Enjoy your day:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Progress Painting from My Sketch

Remember that sketch I just posted? Well, I did transfer it on canvas and start working on it. The idea came up when I was working on my latest painting. I sketched really quick on my moleskine, so I wouldn't forget the idea. I worked on a drawing of it, then transferred it on canvas.

It's still part of the underpaintings. I'll put some colors today. will keep you posted:)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Latest Painting and New Sketch

I hope you have a productive Monday:)
Here's the photo of my latest painting as I promised.

Indonesian at Heart
oil on linen
18x24 inches

It has a special meaning like the rest of my paintings, but I'll just leave it to the viewer.

There's a new painting that I just started. It was based on this rough drawing on my moleskine.

Other interesting things:
- Eric Fortune recently posted something really inspiring on his blog titled Tips and Tricks from an Art Slave. It's a nice reminder for us as an artist to be patient in doing what we love.
- Richard Scarry and The Chipster just put this interview with Sas and Colin Christian on Juxtapoz . It's a really cool interview. It explored a bit of Sas Christian's painting process and showed some images of her latest paintings. You could also tell from the interview that they were such a loving couple. Really sweet:)
- I just found this cool blog of Danny Roberts, a fashion illustrator. You may have seen his works on some fashion magazines like Vogue.