Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Personal Adventure in the Studio: Sketching, Drawing, Painting, and Playing.

Chers amis,
I haven't updated this blog for a while. I tend, however, to post some updates first on my Instagram or Facebook. I usually just snap some pics using my cellphone and post them right away. It doesn't distract my working time that much. I like a quiet working life in my studio with little distraction. It allows me to visually express my emotion freely. Things that I do in my studio...either it's sketching, drawing, painting with oils or acrylics, or playing with paperclay, they're my forms of language :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Smart Painting and Perceptual Data at Artspace New Haven

If you live in or near New Haven, I recommend checking out these exhibitions that are currently at Artspace in New Haven, until March 2, 2014.

The first is Smart Painting, an exhibition by ten artists, curated by John O'Donnell. The concept of the exhibition is answering questions such as what a painting looks like, how it was painted, and what it was painted on, by breaking down a painting into its anatomical parts of bones, flesh, and brain. This exhibition plays around with that concept in a smart way :)

Curator's talk with John O'Donnell

There were many excellent works that challenged your mind. There was one work that particularly captured our attention, a work by Zachary Keeting entitled January (4). The painting was a beautiful arrangement of colors, shapes, and textures. The deliberate, well thought abstraction created an interesting form, something akin to a mysterious landscape.

DH viewing January (4) by Zachary Keeting

The second exhibition, Perceptual Data, presented works by Neil Matthiessen. It was very intriguing with the kind of beauty and depth can only be captured if you were actually in that room. You know, it is one of those things that you think you have seen it just because you view it online but then you realize that online viewing was lacking something, maybe that evoked intention and vibrancy in person. Matthiessen's work is influenced from science, technology, and visual culture.