Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello world

Forgive me for my lacking to update this blog. We were out of town last weekend. My girlfriend had a baby shower. It was Indonesian style baby shower, so there were plenty Indonesian foods around. Mostly we just hung out, shared laughter and love. It was really fun.
My parents-in-laws will be in town today and stay at our place. I have tons of things to do around the house before their arrival.
Not much painting done and it makes me a bit grumpy. My hands are itching itching itching to do more paintings.
I even haven't finished my latest one. Did some changes to the squids but the rest is still untouched...frustrating. Hmmpphhh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Hi Fructose and Rough Drawings

There have been too many interruptions for my creativity flow recently. Frustrating!
I haven't been able to focus on my painting this week. We're going to be out of town for this weekend. I'm going to visit an Indonesian friend and meet other new friends. It'll be nice chatting in my mother tongue.Then my parents in laws are going to stay with us. Busy busy busy. Need to clean the house right after we return home. I have decided to put painting off first and focus on spending time with them.
Meanwhile, I just put some ideas on my moleskine or do rough drawings on sketch book.

I can't wait to turn two of those drawings into paintings. Gotta wait gotta wait:)

By the way, thanks for reading and/or leaving some comments and feedbacks on my modest blog. I really appreciate it a lot. It's always nice to meet new friends. I did also visit your blogs, but couldn't leave any comments to some of you who use embedded comments. But I did read your blogs:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday:)

Random things that crossed in my mind from the past few days.
- Tessar Lo just sent out his newsletter to let his fans know of what he's been up to. I like his casual way to reach into his readers. Often times, newsletter just really turns me off because I can smell the whole marketing tone in it.
- Still related to Tessar. He'll have upcoming show in nyc held by LeBasse Projects. It'll be a group show with Edwin Ushiro, Eric Fortune, Nate Frizzell, Mia , and Yoskay Yamamoto (I think I mentioned everyone:))
- I found a bakery here in New Haven. One thing that I miss from Jakarta is its malls, and tons of bakeries inside the mall. They sell lots of squeezy milky bread with tasty fillings or toppings. So last week, I spotted a chinese bakery next to asian store. Bought 4 buns plus 2 sesame dumplings (balls) for $6. They were actually quite good.
- I've been struggling on my last painting. She challenged me from the beginning.
Her face kept changing during the whole process from rough sketching till the painting.. I also had the hardest time in getting her to look right. She's one stubborn girl ...frustrating! I think I've passed the worst part though:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things that I love today

- Waking up with the sound of rain outside
- Having a cup of coffee with sweetened condensed milk. It just reminds me of home.
- Watching Audrey Kawasaki at Baby Tattooville on youtube. It's always interesting to see an artist on action.
- Viewing Ana Bagayan's preview of her upcoming show at Roq La Rue. It's nice to see how she keeps evolving.
- Daydreaming of vacation to Bali after getting email about SQ's ticket promo.
- Laying more layer on my painting. I did things a bit different with this painting. The process is different and a bit out of my comfort zone. Experimenting is always good to challenge yourself. I hope it turns out okay. I like this girl, it'll give me big tears if I mess her up...hehe. Anyway, it's still early stage.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Sketch and Progress Shot

I learned to transfer my drawing using our projector. My cinta helped me with resizing the image and set up the projector. I still need to get a hang of it. But it was way better than using transfer paper or drawing it directly on canvas. Somehow the girl turned out different than the girl in my initial drawing on paper, but I liked her so I kept her that way. It's still early rough drawing...not that pretty.

And another progress shot of the latest painting.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I just adopted Coraline

We went to downtown New Haven to get hair cut. I feel a bit stylish now:)
The weather was nice, so we decided to walk around downtown a bit. Got a yummy bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, then we went to a comic store for me to get the latest Hi Fructose since B&N (Yale's bookstore) didn't seem to carry it anymore. Alternate Universe (the comic store) didn't have the newest magazine, but I spotted 3 little Coraline figurines. One in PJs, one in shirt and denim, and one in yellow raincoat. I would have adopted all of them if I were rich:) they could be like cute triplets hanging out in my room. I took the one in yellow raincoat. She has the cutest expression and looks inquisitive.

Little Coraline is hanging out near my painting. Isn't she adorable?
And yes, that's the sneak peak of my latest painting. It's not the best quality photo. I'm not a good photographer. All I can do is just pressing the button...that's it..hehe.
I think it's almost done...there is still some itty bitty things that need my attention:)

Alrighty now it's time to draw draw draw:)