Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Photos from Totally Terror Art Group Show

I mentioned about my contribution for this show not too long ago. Well, the opening reception was last Thursday. I met Mike (Michael Shapcott) again and also Robert Ingellis (OsirisOrion) for the first time. It was exciting to see what each artist came up with in a themed art show like that. The show runs till Dec.11th. If you're around Madison, CT area, you can stop by at Madison Art Cinemas to view the artwork.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Xiaoqing Ding and Tara McPherson Solo Shows at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC

Hello there beautiful readers,

We decided to head out to the city for the opening shows of Xiaoqing Ding "At The End of A Rainbow" and Tara McPherson "The Bunny in The Moon". I could be a hermit when I'm working on something, especially now I'm working on a new painting and preparing itty bitty things before my show in Nov. 19th, but I managed to drag myself out from my cave.

Going to see other artist's show is always a nice experience. I personally think that it keeps you humble, too, as an artist. You're always reminded that they're so many more talented and hard worker artists out there. I only wish the opening was only a couple blocks away from our place..hehe.

I had a pleasure of talking to Xiaoqing Ding. I like her as a talented artist and I also like her as a person. She's so much fun to talk to. Her works are simply stunning! I always have this admiration for any artists who still apply old masters techniques into their paintings. Xiaoqing Ding is one of those artists that I respect.

The other show at that night was Tara McPherson "The Bunny in The Moon". I saw Tara's drawing at Last Rites Gallery before and it was exciting to see a huge range of her other works from oil paintings, pencil drawings, to soft sculptures.

Xiaoqing Ding

Tara McPherson

Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Art Updates (Exciting News): My First Solo Show, and Pop Surrealism Magazine

I haven't gotten enough time to update this blog and I apologize for that. Things have been great and there are so many sweet surprises recently. There're so many nice people that I just feel what I have done to deserve that kindness....seriously:)

One of the  cool news is an upcoming solo exhibition. I've known this for a while but I haven't mentioned on this blog because I don't like to expose things unless it's almost finalized or even better, it's already finalized.

My solo show entitled "Beautiful Little World of My Solitude" will be at David Apuzzo Gallery in Hamden, CT.Here's the detail for the opening
Date/Time: November 19th, 2010/ 5pm-10pm
Location: 4133 Whitney Ave. Hamden, CT 06518
Snacks and drinks will be served.

Please swing by if you're in the area. I would love to meet and talk to you. I'm a bit shy to people that I haven't met, but I promise you that I'll be more than happy to chat with you:)
 Here's my show card

Other exciting news is, Richard Kalisher, the publisher of Pop Surrealism Magazine, has kindly included me in their Fall 2010 edition. Thanks so much, Richard! It's truly truly an  honor to be among all of other artists that I admire and respect.You can read the digitized version of the magazine here
I'm so happy to see any art magazines like this around. I think it makes the world least that's how I feel...hehe

As far as my painting progress, there's one finished painting that I'll post the pic soon. I need DH to take a better resolution pic of it and also put it up on my website. One painting is on progress and there's other thing I still need to do for my solo show. I'll post about it later.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Post of Current Painting in Progress

One of those earlier stages. Pardon me again for the image quality
Also, I've decided that I prefer painting on linen better than on wood. Somehow it's just more satisfying.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn is Here and some pictures from Hammond Museum Japanese Garden

I can't believe I'm wearing long sleeves shirt and pants when less than 2 weeks ago I could still wear shorts!
I'm not complaining since I always prefer Autumn compared to Summer, just amazed of how fast things are.
The beauty of painting at home is that you can just wear the silliest but warmest outfit around the house..hehe
Less than two weeks ago, we went to Japanese garden. DH thought it would be a perfect time before everything would turn out dreary. The Japanese Garden was at the Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY.
It was a nice and relaxing garden with a pretty pond. We spent time walking around the garden for a while before heading inside to see an exhibition. Yup, there was an opening reception for tri-state competition show. I had no idea there was an opening that time. Nice surprise:)
Some pics from our trip. Enjoy!

                           Silly dance

                    Beautiful B&W photo by DH. Well, all photos in this blog are mostly by him

Contance Kiermaier

 Joanna Wezyk  
Mayumi Takagi

Mayumi Takagi

It may be a bit harder to see but that little box is actually a miniature of inside a train car

Closer look. That little pillow is adorable!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Painting for "Totally Terror" 80's Horror Themed Art Show at Madison Art Cinemas

I finally finished this painting. I have a bad habit of putting off the final touch to my painting when it's near done. Somehow I always need to find that right momentum again to finish up. Maybe it's derived from my attitude of building my painting slowly:)

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I did some drawings and  experimental things with acrylics so I had to set aside this painting in the corner. It kept staring at me until I finally got that feeling back to put the final touch..hehe.

This piece is my contribution for “Totally Terror” Group Art Show, an art show inspired by the horror movies of the 1980’s. Perfect for Halloween.
If you’re in the area of Madison, CT or nearby on October 28th, please swing by, see the artwork and meet the artist.

The opening will be from 7:30PM- 11:30PM

Here’s the detail of the show. Spread the words guys:)

Madison Art Cinemas presents Totally Terror; an art exhibit inspired by the horror cinema of the 1980’s.

The show will be held at the Madison Art Cinemas gallery from October 28th to December 11th and will feature the work of 20 plus artists presenting their visual interpretations of some of the most well known and not…-so-well known horror films from the “Me” decade.

There will be an opening reception and an artist meet and greet on October 28th 2010 from 7:30-9:45pm followed by a FREE viewing of the horror film Demons.

Madison Art Cinemas is located at 761 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443. For directions, please visit
List of participating artists:

Matt Sharp
Magge Gagliardi
Thomas Drew
Yosiell Lorenzo
Daniel Yagmin Jr
Tom Ryan
Osiris Orion
Michael Shapcott
Craig Medeiros
Rick Beapre
Dave Estes
Adam Hathorn
Nate Lewis
Clare Jordan
Matthew Fletcher
Heidi Alamanda
Raquel Cude
Chris Uminga
Liz Squillace
Ricky Borchert
Coniah Timm
Pete Shigelkowski

You can RSVP here:

I hope to see you there ^_^