Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn is Here and some pictures from Hammond Museum Japanese Garden

I can't believe I'm wearing long sleeves shirt and pants when less than 2 weeks ago I could still wear shorts!
I'm not complaining since I always prefer Autumn compared to Summer, just amazed of how fast things are.
The beauty of painting at home is that you can just wear the silliest but warmest outfit around the house..hehe
Less than two weeks ago, we went to Japanese garden. DH thought it would be a perfect time before everything would turn out dreary. The Japanese Garden was at the Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY.
It was a nice and relaxing garden with a pretty pond. We spent time walking around the garden for a while before heading inside to see an exhibition. Yup, there was an opening reception for tri-state competition show. I had no idea there was an opening that time. Nice surprise:)
Some pics from our trip. Enjoy!

                           Silly dance

                    Beautiful B&W photo by DH. Well, all photos in this blog are mostly by him

Contance Kiermaier

 Joanna Wezyk  
Mayumi Takagi

Mayumi Takagi

It may be a bit harder to see but that little box is actually a miniature of inside a train car

Closer look. That little pillow is adorable!!

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