Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some Pics of Art Progress and Others on 12.12.12

Some progress in the studio and random pics from travel

Seal's Painting

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pics of Paintings in Progress, Sketches, and Some Mixed Media Works

I just managed to transfer these images from my camera.

Paintings still in progress. Some of them are just because I'm still not completely happy with them and the rest are because I just started working on them

Mixed Media works that I tried when I was in need to step away from my painting

Applying colors to see if I like it or not
Fun sketches and also ideas development before working on canvases

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catapult Art Magazine Issue No. 4 is Now Available in Print

A while ago I posted about my feature in Catapult Art Magazine's digital edition vol 4 . Well, now the magazine is also available in a print version that you can purchase here.  Every issue published by Catapult has been fantastic, and they have been so positive and supportive to artists. Shine on!

My feature in Catapult Art Magazine

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Painting at Staten Island Museum's Show!

Fabulous, blue sky weather for an opening!
Heading in to the Juried Art Show 2012 exhibition opening at Staten Island Museum
Things got a bit busy here so I'm just now getting to posting pics from the opening reception at Staten Island  Museum, where one of my paintings took part in this year's Juried Art Show. The opening's turnout was great and it was so beautifully organized. They put all the refreshments on the first floor where people could have some light snacks and wine while enjoying the natural science collection, while the majority of the second floor area was for the selected artworks. I loved the enthusiasm of the people who attended the reception. They really took time to take in each piece and examined them closely. It was a nice crowd! Juried Art 2012 runs until Sept. 23, so there's still time to see my painting there and all the other terrific artworks.

Again, I feel so honored to be part of this great show. Thank you Staten Island Museum!

With Donna Pagano, Manager of Exhibitions
Artist: Michael Zelehoski
My painting, I Wish I Had Known You Earlier, Pablo
Pablo is hanging out at Staten Island Museum:)

Pablo got some company:)
New Year Resolutions
Artist: Pamela Montalbano
Artist: Jean Marcellino
Stephen A. Morgan
Artist: Leo Garcia
The Product of Me
Artist: Arlette Cepeda
The Mask
Artist: Regina Walker
Artist: Sue Collier
Cart in the Park
Artist: Aimee Hertog
Passage #1
Artist: Chizuco Sophia Yw
Similar Features #13
Artist: Laura Fantini
Ground Plume
Artist: Daniel Rosenbaum
Potato Series II
Artist: Beth Galton
Untitled 1 (Chicken Series)
Artist: Maureen O'Leary
Cipriana and Her Daughter
Artist: Irma Bohorquez- Geisler

Artist: Howard Springer
Artist: Janice Patrignani
Hunting Map
Artist: Jeongeun Lee
New York Fog I, II & III
Artist: Florence Poulain
Measure of Peace
Artist: Shira Toren
Two Brown Onions
Artist: Randall W.L. Mooers
Position 7
Artist: Holland Houdek
Artist: Rudolph Montanez
Make a Wish
Artist: Jamie M. Lee
Stapleton Heights
Artist: Sarah Yuster
Lion Diorama
Artist: Tony Geiger
#60 (Vertical White)
Artist: Audrey Stone
Self Portrait
Artist: Bill Murphy
Haiti Spirits
Artist: Nina Talbot
Woman Carrying Basin
Artist: Everet
Consumption Portrait #8
Artist: Rebecca Mushtare
Artist: Nancy Bonior
Don't Leave Me Now
Artist: Sean Martin
Crowd at Staten Island Museum Juried Art 2012
Still Life with Fruits
Artist: Vladimir Kezerashvili
Two Kids with Red Ball
Artist: Andrea Phillips
Broken Dish & Light Pole
Artist: Mahtab Aslano
Artist: Diane Miller
Red Legs II
Artist: Denise Mumm
The "Bottoms Up: Drinking Vessels" exhibition curated by Robert Bunkin also opened at the same time, and will run until January 21, 2013. The exhibition showcased drinking vessels in different shapes and materials, all from the Museum permanent collection.

Wager Cup (German)
Gift of he Estate of Madeleine H. Baker
Green Footed Tea cup & Saucer (Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, West Virginia)
 Striped Goblet (USA) - Gift of the Estate of Madeleine H. Baker
Stirrup- Spount Effigy Vessel (Moche, Peru)
Gift of Eugene Schwarz
Red Figure Skyphos?Kotyle with Athlete (Southern Italian, c. 4th Century B.C.)
Gift of D. Wallace MacDonald 
Bust of Daniel Low, 1869
Artist: Hiram Powers
Set of Ten Cups with Stands (China, 19th Century)
Gift of Mr. Stanley Herman
Roman Glass Stem Goblet (Eastern Mediterranean, c. 4th Century A.D. )
Gift of Mr. H. Dunscombe
Gourd with Metal Rim (Peru, 19th century)
Travel cup (USA) and Duralex Stackable Coffee Cup Set (France)
Robert Bunkin, Staten Island Art Museum Curator
Great turnout!

Getting more and more crowded

View of Manhattan from Staten Island
After the opening
Staten Island Ferry in late evening