Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Lunch Bunch Art Auction

Hello there,
I donated a signed and framed print of "Holding onto My Dream" on Lunch Bunch auction on eBay.

Here is the link to visit the shop

 Lunch Bunch is a project to feed homeless in L.A. initiated by Ana Bagayan and Meridyth MacDonald. You can learn more about what they're doing here.
They're currently raising money so they can keep preparing and distributing lunches to homeless people. The blog sometimes post some photos of lunch bags preparation and the distribution. I can only imagine being in the situation where you have no idea whether you can eat the next day or not, or you have to go through people's trash cans to find something *sniff*

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Interview on GOB Magazine and New Painting in Progress

Hello again:)

I got a nice surprise last Friday. Something that I consider as an early birthday present:)
Joseph L. Gaitan, editor in chief/publisher of GOB Magazine, asked me around a week ago about a short interview for their blog.  It was truly an honor to appear on their blog. GOB Magazine (Guardian of Bravery) is an art magazine showcasing well known artists as well as new and upcoming artists.
You can read the interview here:

Please also check their website out

They're going to release issue #4 soon. I pre-ordered the limited edition of issue #4.  There are only 30 of them. Joseph told me that they will release it on July 10th. Can't wait.

I'm working on a new painting. There's also a new drawing in progress but I haven't snapped a pic of it. More to come. I still consider this one the ugly phase. Prettier than zombie phase (underpainting) but still ugly:)

 I haven't come up with a perfect title for this one. I got some ideas but none seems to be right at this moment.

I hope you guys enjoy your summer. It's beautiful out there (if you like sunny days..hehe)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Beautiful Moment Keeps Slipping Away

My latest painting.
Sometimes you experience a beautiful moment in your life where everything just feels so right. You wish that time can just stop, so you can hold onto that moment forever. But you even barely have time to enjoy it.
 I just sometimes wish it won't slip away.

This Beautiful Moment Keeps Slipping Away
oil on linen. 20"x24". 2010

Bold Hype Gallery Opening and Julie Heffernan's Boy O Boy show

We went to New York for Bold Hype Gallery Opening. They just moved fro Orlando to NYC. The show was called "Strangers". Eric, Shannon, and everyone else really put a lot of work (and love) into this show. Great selection of artwork and great environment. We also got a chance to meet Skinner, a humble, friendly and great artist, who did a huge mural for the opening. The mural would bring you to the alternate reality. Rich colors and lots mythological symbolism really caught my eyes in most of his works. Skinner said his mural was obnoxious, I thought it was great and really fit the show.
The show runs until June 9th. Swing by when you're in the city. Congratulations Bold Hype!!! More and more success to come.

Before the opening, we stopped by at P.P.O.W gallery for Julie Heffernan's show. Andrew Hosner (of and Thinkspace Gallery) recommended this one. I've been mesmerized by Julie Heffernan's works for a while but had no idea she had a show in New York until Andrew told me. We meant to check this out around 3 weeks ago, but something always came up - family matters, sickness, and so on - and I'm so glad we could make it.

Some photos from the events

With Skinner

We love this piece
With Eric

With Shannon

Some of  Julie Heffernan's beautiful paintings at P.P.O.W Gallery