Thursday, October 1, 2009

I just adopted Coraline

We went to downtown New Haven to get hair cut. I feel a bit stylish now:)
The weather was nice, so we decided to walk around downtown a bit. Got a yummy bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, then we went to a comic store for me to get the latest Hi Fructose since B&N (Yale's bookstore) didn't seem to carry it anymore. Alternate Universe (the comic store) didn't have the newest magazine, but I spotted 3 little Coraline figurines. One in PJs, one in shirt and denim, and one in yellow raincoat. I would have adopted all of them if I were rich:) they could be like cute triplets hanging out in my room. I took the one in yellow raincoat. She has the cutest expression and looks inquisitive.

Little Coraline is hanging out near my painting. Isn't she adorable?
And yes, that's the sneak peak of my latest painting. It's not the best quality photo. I'm not a good photographer. All I can do is just pressing the button...that's it..hehe.
I think it's almost done...there is still some itty bitty things that need my attention:)

Alrighty now it's time to draw draw draw:)

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