Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paintings Inspired by Studio Ghibli

I have previously mentioned how I adored Studio Ghibli. The way they created the characters, beautiful artworks throughout the whole story and built such an emotional story.

Spirited Away  (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) was the first Studio Ghibli movie I saw. I was in awe. It just felt so magical. The friendship between Chihiro and Haku was really sweet. I don't want to spoil the story if you haven't seen it. Oh, the soundtrack is also beautiful and soothing. Movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo were just so cute and adorable in so many ways.
Grave of The Fireflies, was the only movie that managed to make me cry for the entire day. My eyes got so puffy the next day. The movie took place at the end of WW II in Japan. It was a story about two orphaned children, Seita and his little sister, Setsuko. They lost everything in the war, their extended family didn't want them, and they had to do everything they could to survive. It was such a powerful movie. I got teary thinking of that. I just wanted to hug those kids and gave them food during that movie. I know that doesn't make sense since they're just animated characters, but that's how powerful the movie is.

I posted some low resolution photos using my digital camera before. As I promised, here are the high resolution taken by my sweetie.
I just recently finished the painting of the girl who's holding fire with fireflies background (title: I Can't Survive If You Take My Fire Away). I got a bit held up finishing the painting since every time I painted her, my mind went to Setsuko (the little girl). I got really really sad.

Title: I Can't Survive if You Take My Fire Away
oil on linen. 18"x24". ©2010
Grave of The Fireflies Inspired

Title: Only You Accept Me for Who I Am
oil on linen. 18"x24". ©2010
Spirited Away  (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) Inspired

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Dear Fireflies said...

Heidi, these paintings are gorgeous! So perfectly rendered... And I LOVE Grave of the Fireflies!! I don't think I ever cried so much from watching an animated movie before... (^_^) ox

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Amal:)
Yeah, I just couldn't stop crying from watching it.
Mata bengkak..hehe