Monday, August 17, 2009

Painting in this hot day

It really is hot today. My studio/office doesn't have a/c, so it's really miserable for me to paint under this heat.
I'm working on the other painting that I've been abandoning for weeks. I started the girl with black hair then it didn't feel right, so I changed it to auburn tone. She's almost done and now I have to work on other tiny details surrounding her.

A bit recap of my weekend. We went to Chelsea for opening reception of Summer Exhibition at Joshua Liner gallery. The place got packed really fast. We spent enough time in the gallery until it was difficult for us to move around.
The painting below is by Tat Ito. The image is only partially of the real one. the painting itself was huge (84x72). It was really interesting. He painted a maze with lot of little people trying to get away from it. Each of those people had different facial expression.

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