Sunday, August 10, 2014

Heidi Alamanda in "Everyone Will Be Famous for 12 Inches" at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Lower East Side, New York City

Exciting times! In addition to the annual juried show at the Bowery Gallery, I'm also currently part of another New York City group show entitled "Every One Will Be Famous for 12 Inches" at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery on the Lower East Side. The theme of the exhibition is 12"x12" - each artist was given freedom to create with only one restriction that it has to be 12"x 12"in size. I contributed an oil painting, entitled "They Don't Know Her," for the exhibition.

Heidi Alamanda, They Don't Know Her
oil on canvas
I attended the opening reception last Friday (August 8th, 2014). The opening reception was a rousing success as you can see from a little video below.

The exhibition runs until August 22nd, and until then you can inquire about the artwork at

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
98 Orchard Street NY, NY 10002
Phone 212-260-2460/917-244-4868

Open Monday - Sunday 12- 7pm

A little video of the reception:

Some photos from the opening reception.

Interesting detail fron David Datuna's Mixed Media work.
This isn't part of the current exhibition but you can find it near the entrance door.

Michelle Delecki, Caged
live music by Sullied Accolades

Pretty summer in New York City:

The perfect way to end a nice day in the city? Street food! :)


Marion Gibson said...

I love NYC!!! Makes me think of doing a similar show at our Gallery 104 in the metropolis of La Grange, KY.
"Fun in a foot"...?

Heidi Alamanda said...

NYC is one of a kind. Thank you for visiting my blog, Marion :)