Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heidi Alamanda at Yale University - Lunarfest 2016

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Earlier last month, I was invited by the Silk Road Art Gallery in New Haven to do a painting demonstration during the Lunarfest 2016 at Yale University. Painting in front of audience was a completely new experience for me, and I didn't know what to expect. Kids came up to visit me while I was painting, and they were really, really curious and interested in seeing the process. As a larger group of kids surrounded the table, I started making small paintings of flowers for them. They were really sweet about it. Liwen Ma, the gallery owner, and Dan Li, the gallery director, were next to me preparing tea for the tea ceremony. It was a great event with a big turn out of people who were truly interested in arts and culture. I am sincerely grateful for the invitation :)

If you happen to visit New Haven, I highly recommend visiting Silk Road Art Gallery. The gallery is located in New Haven's Audubon Arts District. The gallery exhibits Chinese and local contemporary artists.

Silk Road Art Gallery
83 Audubon St.
New Haven, CT

Some photos from Lunarfest 2016

Photographer: David F. Luecke

Photographer: David F. Luecke

Courtesy of Yale - China Association

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