Saturday, December 4, 2010

December is Here!

Christmas is coming soon! I can't believe this. It's just too fast..hehe.
Sorry for the lack of update. Things got a bit hectic around here after my opening. I got invited by ChimMaya Art  Gallery in Los Angeles to participate in this cool show "The Art of Fashion". I contributed one painting since, unfortunately, most of my other artworks that will be suitable with the theme of the show are currently being hung at David Apuzzo Gallery.  After taking care of with the arrangement of that, DH and I were off to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with his family. We didn't go anywhere else while we were there. Mostly just spending time with family and eating lots and lots of yummy food that my Mom-in-law cooked.
When we returned home, it was like all my artistic rhythm so messed up. Laundry was piling up, house was dirty, fridge was almost empty, and so on and so on the boring chores.
I need to get back on my routine. There are so many things I need to tackle. First of all, I need to finish this sketchbook for Sketchbook Project, then there's this drawing I need to refine before transferring on canvas, one of my paintings still need touch up, there, and there's this current painting that I'm dying to work on it soon!
We haven't decorated the house at all for Christmas. We still even need to pick a tree..haha craziness.
I hope everything will be back in track soon.

My Sketch from last night session


TJ Lubrano said...

I really like it :D!

I hope things will be back on track for you soon! For me it's a crazy time as well. I still have a few little characters to paint and a final post to write. Well the last post for this year I mean haha. I will take a little time of blogging around holidays to refocus and make a new goal list. I feel a bit lost at the moment even though I did a lot.

Have a lovely weekend!

SaraLynnArt said...

Beautiful sketches! This time of year is definitely crazy... good luck with everything!

Heidi Alamanda said...

TJ and Sara: it's been crazy but that's good:) I wish we all lived close so we could have a break drinking tea, perhaps? hehe

cArLa said...

it's been pretty hectic (well, just plain sleepy all the time) here too... the pregnancy has taken a toll on my blogging. i love reading what you write about and getting inspired by your work. love your sketches! have a great week! xoxo

TJ Lubrano said...

Ooh having a cup of tea with baked goodies would be lovely ^_^

Heidi Alamanda said...

@Carla: Your pregnancy is the most important thing right now:) Sending you love and have a great week (and stay warm)

@Tahira: oooh baked goodies. Yummm