Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Photos from Heidi Alamanda's Beautiful Little World of My Solitude Opening

Hello beautiful readers,
If you follow my twitter, you may have read that the opening went well. I really had good times hanging out with all of people who made it to the show. I'm basically a hermit and social situation sometimes makes me weirdo, so I totally meant it when I said I had great times...hehehe. This show wouldn't happen without help and participation from so many people. DH has been so awesome, helpful, and supportive during the whole preparation. I don't know what I would do without his help and his skill as my personal photographer..haha. I'm thankful to David Apuzzo for inviting me to his beautiful gallery.
I was really nervous before the show started, but all of those people were so nice and fun to talk to. The presence of some good friends like Michael Shapcott and his beautiful fiancee, Melissa, Rob Ingellis aka OsirisOrion, and Mark Elliot, also made things even easier.
A bit of surprise that night was meeting with  Connecticut WTNH-TV 8 news anchor Ann Nyberg that night. She was really sweet, friendly and super nice, which made it easier for me to talk..hehe. She took some photos around, talked to DH, and recorded me for a bit. Ann is also a blogger. Check out her blog at

Some photos from the opening. You can check out the rests on my Facebook Art Page

Eva, Namrata, and Iram
.Nina Salazar and Husband
Mark and Cindy
Michael Shapcott and Melissa Therrien
 Mark Elliott. I've been meaning to get his signature on my Spectrum book for a while and I finally got one that night. Yaaayy!!!
 With the beautiful Ann Nyberg from WTNH-TV 8

Rob (OsirisOrion) made me this cool video. Thank you Rob!

Heidi Alamanda's "Beautiful Little World of My Solitude" @ David Apuzzo Gallery 11/19/10 Hamden, CT from OsirisOrion on Vimeo.


SaraLynnArt said...

This looks like it was an awesome show! I love your paintings, and you looked so pretty as well! Congrats on a great opening! <3

Heidi Alamanda said...

Sara, thank you sweetie:) It was an amazing night. Glad to be able to share those pics with you. xoxo

Vanilla said...

Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time! Loved seeing these photos of the show.
Your blog is most lovely and I adore your painting style :)

Heidi Alamanda said...

Vanilla: I had a really wonderful time. Thanks for checking out:) I just browsed your blog. Your artwork is lovely

Ann Nyberg said...

I loved meeting you. I love the eyes in all of your paintings. You are so talented, and I am so happy for your success!
Here's my blog post on you.

Tatter Scoops said...

Look at you all glowing, girl! Congrats again on your awesome special day. All your paintings looks so fantastic!

Heidi Alamanda said...

@Ann Nyberg: Thank you for all your kindness. Love the blog post. Thanks for writing that on your beautiful blog:)

@Oyen: Thank you Oyen:)