Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketchy sketchy, and first attempt at sculpture

I've been wanting to try sculpting something small since last year. I bought clay, basic tools, and watched some videos to get a feel of how to do it. Then there was something that required my attention and emotional energy. I was so occupied and just couldn't manage to start sculpting. I finally started doing it last week. This isn't an attempt to change medium, but more of something to expand my artistic horizon. It's challenging but in a good way. I'm currently starting to create something that hopefully will be ball jointed. I just made the basic structure and I'm working on refining each part. I will eventually paint them when they look right to me:)

This one is the first head. She looks like a mummy:)

I made another head the next day. The base is actually a mirror, a gift from a friend of mine living in Japan

Body parts -_-

Also, some of silly sketches I did around last week

Time to work on those body parts:)

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