Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello September and Random Bits Around Here

Whew time flies and it's already September. I feel like this year just goes by so fast while I still have a lot of things that I wanna do. I've been experimenting painting on paper. I have this acrylics set that I got from Christmas present 2 years ago. I've been wanting to try it for a while but didn't really have time to do it. My main focus was (and still is) oil painting. Now I feel like it's the right time and it's also something refreshing while still working on oil painting.
I tried some papers from drawing paper to watercolor paper. I just recently bought hot press paper and it seems to handle the kind of effect I want to achieve.

I just signed up to Sketchbook Project. It'll be my next priority after I completely finish my Poltergeist inspired painting and some stuff for my upcoming show in November in CT. The project is a bit challenging for me since I don't always sketch my ideas. Sometimes I would sketch into my moleskine, draw it and transfer it, but mostly I just draw it and transfer it into canvas. The main reason is that I like to maintain the excitement of exploring my fresh ideas...if that even makes sense:)
We'll see how my sketchbook will turn out, but for now it's still a mystery:)

Random bits around the studio

Run Pablo Run

Latest progress of the painting

There are two more paintings in progress. One of them still need more love and the other is still in underpainting (first stage) I will post more when I get a chance.


TJ Lubrano said...

hello hello! Ooh paintings everywhere!! I love to see glimpses of the desk of the artist ^_^.

How cool that you have a new show in November! Would love to see that some day!

I have an account at ArtHouse Coop and I was thinking to participate in the Sketchbook project, but decided to do it in the near future. For some reason when I'm forced to fill pages in a book, I can't draw like I'm used too. I guess I need to make the switch to just draw, but I hate to make mistakes. Well not hate, but I'm not that comfortable just yet to just sketch and draw. Not in a sketchbook like Moleskine anyway haha. I need to be able to rip the page out if it goes wrong haha. So that's why I need to practice a bit more.

Love your posts Heidi!!

Heidi Alamanda said...

Sweet Tahira, it's always a joy to see your response:)
I can totally relate with what you said about forced to fill pages. It's still a challenge for me since most of the time when I have a cool idea, I'll just draw it.
The paper in the book is really thin unlike the normal moleskine....another challenge:)

Jaz Higgins said...

Thanks for showing us little bits and pieces of your studio! I also like looking into other people's creative spaces!

Your latest painting is coming along nicely.

Heidi Alamanda said...

thanks so much for checking out, Jaz:)