Saturday, December 19, 2009

Painting in Progress and My Creative Process

Hello Hello....
I hope you guys stay warm in this cold cold world. It's been in the highest of 30ish F lately. PJ pants and long sleeves shirt are pretty much my uniform lately:)
Anyway, my latest painting is slowly emerging. I think I may be able to finish it next week, and of course I'll post it the final result.
I have found an idea for my next painting. When I got an idea in my head, I would immediately sketch it on my moleskine. It'll be my preliminary sketch of what I want to include on my canvas. Then I'll sketch it on a bigger paper. On this stage, I'll work on a specific expression of the girl....I give her a personality:) I will then transfer it on a canvas. You know the rest...underpainting and layers of oil paints.

Here is my progress from my latest painting

Latest sketch

Well, now I'm hungry. I'll make flatbread topped with baby bella in tomato cream cheese sauce plus mozarella cheese. Have a wonderful weekend!


zoe said...

she has such beautiful eyes! sort of a sad expression (though only mildly)...hopefully christmas will cheer her up! :D
i love how full her hair is, and the colors are wonderful! have a great holiday!

Renee said...

Wonderful Heidi.


Heidi Alamanda said...

Zoe and Renee, sorry for my late reply. Thank you:)