Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heidi Alamanda - Travel Edition: Episode 1 :)

I haven't had a chance to update this blog with stories from my travel after my arrival. Unpacking, cleaning, and all other chores related activities, then my hands were so itchy to develop this idea I put on my sketch book not too long ago. I worked on the drawing for two days and just started the underpainting stage.

I have to admit that aside from doing all chores after travel and getting back into my daily art groove, I also got this nagging travel blues. I'm sure it's a common experience for some people when they return from their great vacation. We had a smooth travel from our departure until arrival in Jakarta Airport. The rough part was being in the plane for over 24 hours. The immigration was really quick and we got all our suitcases in one piece...yay! I was really exhausted but so happy to be back. Seeing the smiles of the people and hearing people chattering in Indonesian made me happy. The traffic on the way to my parents was quite light and the temperature that day was mild. It was overall a relatively smooth journey.

My parents were ecstatic to see me, so that was nice...hehe. My fatigued body stopped complaining once I saw my parents and smelled the wonderful fragrance of beef rendang on the dining table. It was good to be home. We stayed in Jakarta for three weeks. Nothing much to tell about Jakarta since it mostly involved catching up with my family. I got a chance to get to know my two active nephews, taste some Indonesian food and snacks, visit some fun and luxurious malls. Malls in Jakarta are fun because they're the place where most people in this hectic city choose to spend their leisure time.

We got out from the city and flew to Bali for two weeks. We stayed entirely in Ubud area to chill. We took some tours on our previous visits and this time we didn't feel like being stuck in the car for most of our time just to get to other attraction spot. Our stay was really really pleasant that it felt like a dream whenever I thought about it. There was a little annoyance at the beginning but everything was smooth afterward. Reminder to myself in the future: always take the print out of your reservation with you because it sure was handy to straighten out the situation:)

More stories coming up soon...


Dear Fireflies said...

What? You came visiting? You should have told me and I would have gladly given you an awesome culinary tour! :D

Good to know you enjoyed your stay. :)

Heidi Alamanda said...

You live in Bandung, right? Culinary tour sounds great:)
I didn't have too much time to explore Jakarta as much as I would like :( But it was okay as I got to spend more quality time with my family