Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Still Here but Mostly on Instagram

Since my last blog post quite a while ago, I've been spending my time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post any art related updates. Some of you have known that, but for anyone who isn't familiar with my other 'homes,' I invite you to please check out my other social media aside from my website.

Please find me under my user name @heidialamanda - it's quite easy to remember, just exactly like this blog's name :)

Some changes in life circumstances have made my other 'homes' more accommodating at this time. I can post quicker updates on any ongoing paintings in progress or little sculptures on progress, or any art related events.

Last year, I returned from my trip feeling inspired and ecstatic, with hundreds of photos from Nice - my home away from home - and surrounding places waiting for me to share to this blog. I was eager to explore any potential inspirations and see where it might lead, but life showed its fragility in turn.  I thought at first it was just some hiccups in life that should be over soon, but instead it took a further unexpected sad turn. I lost my brother, and at this age I found myself as an only child.  Living away from home, I'm constantly worried about my parents but I wasn't so worried for my brother because I knew him to be so healthy, active, and really incredibly productive. I just never saw it coming and it felt so unreal. I guess it wasn't until I stood there in front of his grave then I realized he was really gone :(  So many other things, too personal to share, made his passing even more painful.

I have been slowly putting my life back together, but I'm still here creating art, and for right now, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are better suited to my need of sharing my works - see you there :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Heidi Alamanda in "Everyone Will Be Famous for 12 Inches" at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Lower East Side, New York City

Exciting times! In addition to the annual juried show at the Bowery Gallery, I'm also currently part of another New York City group show entitled "Every One Will Be Famous for 12 Inches" at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery on the Lower East Side. The theme of the exhibition is 12"x12" - each artist was given freedom to create with only one restriction that it has to be 12"x 12"in size. I contributed an oil painting, entitled "They Don't Know Her," for the exhibition.

Heidi Alamanda, They Don't Know Her
oil on canvas
I attended the opening reception last Friday (August 8th, 2014). The opening reception was a rousing success as you can see from a little video below.

The exhibition runs until August 22nd, and until then you can inquire about the artwork at

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery
98 Orchard Street NY, NY 10002
Phone 212-260-2460/917-244-4868

Open Monday - Sunday 12- 7pm

A little video of the reception:

Some photos from the opening reception.

Interesting detail fron David Datuna's Mixed Media work.
This isn't part of the current exhibition but you can find it near the entrance door.

Michelle Delecki, Caged
live music by Sullied Accolades

Pretty summer in New York City:

The perfect way to end a nice day in the city? Street food! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Heidi Alamanda in Chelsea, New York City Show at Bowery Gallery

I am so honored that my painting, "Painted Images in Her Mind," was selected as part of the 23rd anual juried show currently ongoing at the Bowery Gallery in Chelsea NYC. The group show features the work of 36 artists selected by juror David Cohen., a current editor and publisher of can view all the selected artworks on the Bowery Gallery's facebook or on their website 

We went to New York City to attend the opening reception. It is always a happy thing for me to get out from my studio and visit the city, and it is even a better reason to visit when I actually have the opportunity to share my work with a lot of people :)

I met some other exhibited artists, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Rachel Youens, Rachele Unter, Tom Fitzharris, Meredith Rose, Eli Slaydon, and Françoise Cambilargiu. I was glad I had a chance to view their works in person to appreciate that special quality which you just couldn't get by staring at photos. There were many works there that really pleased my eyes.
Françoise and I got a chance to talk for a bit. Her oil painting entitled, Sardegna 1, was one of  my personal favorites. The painting really captured the feelings of the artist and transported you to a beautiful place (photos really don't do it justice). Françoise is going to return to Paris soon, so I was glad to be able to know her before that.
Coincidentally, she introduced me to another artist, Eli Slaydon, which his work, Pathfork, was also another favorite of mine.

With the charming and beautiful artist, Françoise Cambilargiu, in front of
her painting, Sardegna 1

Bernice Sokol Kramer (L) in front of her work, Accumulations and Collections, Nudes

Eli Slaydon (L)

Lovely chat with Rachele Unter

With artist Rachel Youens

Artist Meredith Rose next to her work, Existence Machine

The turn out was really great. The gallery was packed the whole time I was there. My huge thank you to all kind people at Bowery Gallery for organizing such a great show.

Admiring Rachele Unter's painting, Red Tree-Blue

I also can't say thank you enough to my DH for his never ending support, especially that night for taking me there and being there for me.

The show will be on exhibit through August 16th, 2014.
Bowery Gallery is located at 530 West 25th St. 4 Fl, New York, NY 10001

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heidi Alamanda in Paris

After so many years, I was finally back in Paris again. It's really hard not to fall in love with Paris. It's the kind of city that even after you see some beautiful photographs or read some stories on other people's travel journals, it will still surpass your expectation. It's, of course, aesthetically beautiful, alive and filled with so much energy. You look around and you just can't absorb the whole things fast enough because you know there will always be a tiny pretty details that you will always miss.
We stayed at Bastille neighborhood. It was definitely the perfect location. Our room was quiet and actually quite roomy. Another surprise was a cute small balcony. Perfect!
It was a short distance to groceries, cafes, boulangeries, and metro.

View from our balcony

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Personal Adventure in the Studio: Sketching, Drawing, Painting, and Playing.

Chers amis,
I haven't updated this blog for a while. I tend, however, to post some updates first on my Instagram or Facebook. I usually just snap some pics using my cellphone and post them right away. It doesn't distract my working time that much. I like a quiet working life in my studio with little distraction. It allows me to visually express my emotion freely. Things that I do in my studio...either it's sketching, drawing, painting with oils or acrylics, or playing with paperclay, they're my forms of language :)