Monday, May 30, 2011

New Painting "Remember to Fall in Love"

Hello hello, it has been feeling hot and humid starting last week. I'm quite sure my parents back home would mock me for calling this temperature hot while they have to endure 90ish F everyday. DH put the air conditioner in my room last week to prevent me from melting away:) My brain can't function properly while migraine will insist to linger when the day is too hot. I still have one painting in progress, and currently starting a drawing. I got this really vague visual in my head that I just needed to capture before it would be gone. I will post the progress another time but meanwhile, here's one of the paintings I finished recently:

Remember to Fall in Love
oil on linen. 20" by 24". 2011
You can also view it a higher res version here


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC is all I can say!

Dear Fireflies said...

Oooh, so sweet and intoxicating! Bravo, Heidi!

I hope the air conditioning worked...we wouldn't want you melting away now, would we? (^_^)

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Anon, and Amal:)

Amal, the a/c has been working hard during this cruel summer..hehe. Thanks dear.

Flara said...

wow, you have a such beautiful, oryginal and fresh style!!!