Monday, May 16, 2011

Jenny Morgan's One of the Many at Like the Spice Gallery

I got out from my painting cave to peek the outside world for a bit. I haven't been outside for over a week, mostly working on my painting and fighting my allergy. The weather was quite nice, not too sunny and not too gloomy, just right for my Goldilocks mood. We went to Brooklyn for the second time to attend Brooklyn-based artist's, Jenny Morgan, opening. We needed to eat first, and I always prefer going to a place that serves food that I don't cook at home because it's more exciting that way. We went to a nearby udon shop before the opening, but discovered when we got there that they didn't open until 6, so, we decided to eat at Don Pancho again :)

Feeling happy and well-fed, we walked to Like the Spice gallery. The current exhibition at Like the Spice Gallery, entitled One of the Many, features twelve recent oil paintings on canvas from the artist using herself and other people that she knew personally as the subject.  She employs photorealistic painting techniques, then scrapes away and sands away the surfaces of certain body parts or even whole surfaces.  In her recent interview she mentioned that she developed the scraping process by happenstance and wound up liking what it looked like. You could also see some patterns on top of the figures. Like her scraping technique, the decision to incorporate those patterns is also something unconscious. I had the pleasure to chat with Jenny Morgan for a little bit about her work. It was also really nice to see Marisa Sage, the passionate and friendly gallerist, again that night.
The exhibition runs until June 19th, 2011

Like the Spice Gallery
224 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 388-5388
Hours: Mon by appointment only
            Wed - Sun 12 - 7 PM

Some photos from the event:
(all photos by David F. Luecke, © Alamanda Art. Original works © their respective creators. All rights reserved.)

 With Jenny Morgan

Chatting with the lovely Marisa Sage

 The Piano Song
oil on canvas


 Ruth, the proud Mom of the artist

oil on canvas

 Finding Anna
oil on canvas

 Jenny Morgan chatting with some fans

 I ran into the talented Martin Wittfooth

These photos below are some of the artworks on the gallery's basement

 Eric LoPresti
 Jason Yarmosky
Reuben Negron

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Marisa Sage said...

Hey Heidi!

I just wanted your readers to know that this Friday night June 10th, 2011 for Williamsburg Every:2ND we will be open till 9pm! If they have not had a chance to see Jenny Morgan's exhibition "One and the Many" this will be the perfect time for them to stop by have a glass of wine and check it out.

Like the Spice Gallery