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Sas and Colin Christian - "sas+colin" at Opera Gallery, New York City

We went to the city last Thursday to attend the opening reception of Colin and Sas Christian at Opera Gallery. I was really excited when I saw Sas' announcement for her upcoming show with her husband. Sas Christian is one of the artists that I have always wanted to meet in person. I admire her courage to teach herself to paint when she decided she wanted to paint for herself. It was just something that she started without no knowledge or art history or art technique. I can relate with that and it's quite motivating to learn how someone can achieve what she wants by working really hard. Besides her amazing talent and work ethics, I also respect how her beautiful  body of work always reveals something unique that comes from her. I just can sense it that she paints because she loves to paint purely for herself. Colin Christian is a sculptor. He started using silicone in his sculptures in 2004 to get a flawless appearance of true cartoon realism. Although he works in a different medium than his wife, one can see how they influence each other in their work. He mentions on his website that he finds inspiration on his sculptures in old sci-fi movies, pinup girl/supermodels, anime, ambient electronic music, and H.P. Lovecraft.

Weather-wise, it wasn't the best day for us to drive to NYC, which unfortunately I didn't find out until later that night. I chose the wrong shoes and coat for a particularly miserable wet day in New York...ooops:) However, that didn't stop me to walk to the gallery. DH and I stopped by Rheon Cafe, which to my happy surprise had some yummy treats for my tummy, like chocolate almond croissant and delicious cream cheese croissant. I really wanted to adopt some of those tasty chubby croissant home, but both DH and I didn't have enough space. Oh well, it's a bummer, but we kept walking to the gallery.

You've probably saw some of the preview images from Arrested Motion. This show is entitled "sas+colin ", a title that's presented in the typeface that gives futuristic flair to it. The simple title strongly resonates the collaborative effort from this husband and wife team.  Sas and Colin have worked along side each other for 10 years, but always for their own projects. In this exhibition, they worked together to create a new body of work.  It's hard to miss and walk pass the gallery when you see a large scale anime-inspired sculpture on the gallery's window. Right at the moment I stepped inside the gallery, I could sense the futuristic ambiance. Each piece was signed with "sas+colin" Beautiful sculptures and luminous paintings filled the entire gallery space. The exhibition showcased resin sculptures, fiberglass sculptures; fiberglass, silicone and LED lights sculptures; fiberglass, silicone and 22 karat gold sculpture; acrylic and oil on board paintings; resin sculpture covered with 6000 handset swarovski crystals. There was one interesting piece called "Orbit Chair"  that might take you to different galaxy if you were lucky. It was made from fiberglass and faux fur. I didn't know until later that night that I could actually sit on the chair...oh well *sniff*
I got a chance to meet Sas and Colin *joy joy joy*!  Sas looked stunning and glamorous in her dress and gorgeous 7" platform pastel Versace shoes.  Sas told me the next day that she actually fell outside her hotel on the way to the show and sprained her left ankle and bloodied her right knee. Wow, she really kept her composure that night that I really didn't notice it at all. The opening was packed, so I didn't get a chance to talk much with them. I was fortunate enough to say hello to both of them, though.  I hope you're feeling better soon, Sas!
Swing by at Opera Gallery when you happen to be around Soho area. The nice people at the gallery will be happy to tell you about the work at this exhibition.

115, Spring Street
(212) 966 66 75

I was so thankful that DH managed to take a lot of nice pictures from the event that night. Without his help, I'm quite certain that I could only post one blurry photo from the event.
DH took me to a nearby sushi place after the reception, Nagomi Sushi on Prince St.  Yummy sushi rolls and Otokoyama sake, then we walked to Creperie...yum!! I had the entire tiramisu crepe all for myself. DH was amazed to see me eating the whole thing. What can I say? I love tastiness:)  Glad we made it to the city that night.

When we got home, I found out about the sad disaster in Japan. My heart goes out to all those affected by this unimaginable disaster. I can only try to imagine the ongoing trauma in Japan now, and how many people's lives completely changed from this sad tragedy. This tragic event reminds me of what happened in my home country, Indonesia, in 2004. My deepest sympathy:(

(all photos by David F. Luecke, © Alamanda Art. Original works © their respective creators. All rights reserved.)

 View from outside Opera Gallery

With Sas and Colin Christian

Eclipsed (Fiberglass, Silicone & LED Lights)

 Me near Eclipsed. You can see how large she is.


 Ceremony (Blue)

Ceremony (Pink)
Acryic and oil on board

(Fiberglass, Silicone and 22 Karat Gold)

 Vimana- Detail


Me with Ceremony as my background

Eclipsed - Detail


Circuit Breaker
Acrylic and Oil on Board

HB3K (Pink)
Fiberglass and Silicone

HB3K (Yellow)


 Family Jewels
Acrylic and oil on board

Acrylic and oil on board

Acrylic and oil on board

Icon (orange sparkle). That's the real size!

Light Speed
6000 Handset Swarovski Crystals and Resin

Icon (Pink Sparkle)



It's enormous!



Orbit Chair
Fiberglass and Faux fur

 Ron English cozying up in  Orbit Chair

Colin Christian

Detail of Ceremony

Detail of  Ceremony

If you visit Opera Gallery, don't forget to check out the beautiful artworks showcased downstairs.

Yoshitomo Nara
Andy Warhol


Clayton Brothers 

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