Monday, October 25, 2010

Xiaoqing Ding and Tara McPherson Solo Shows at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC

Hello there beautiful readers,

We decided to head out to the city for the opening shows of Xiaoqing Ding "At The End of A Rainbow" and Tara McPherson "The Bunny in The Moon". I could be a hermit when I'm working on something, especially now I'm working on a new painting and preparing itty bitty things before my show in Nov. 19th, but I managed to drag myself out from my cave.

Going to see other artist's show is always a nice experience. I personally think that it keeps you humble, too, as an artist. You're always reminded that they're so many more talented and hard worker artists out there. I only wish the opening was only a couple blocks away from our place..hehe.

I had a pleasure of talking to Xiaoqing Ding. I like her as a talented artist and I also like her as a person. She's so much fun to talk to. Her works are simply stunning! I always have this admiration for any artists who still apply old masters techniques into their paintings. Xiaoqing Ding is one of those artists that I respect.

The other show at that night was Tara McPherson "The Bunny in The Moon". I saw Tara's drawing at Last Rites Gallery before and it was exciting to see a huge range of her other works from oil paintings, pencil drawings, to soft sculptures.

Xiaoqing Ding

Tara McPherson

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