Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello June - Artwork, Bushwick Open Studios and Some Miscellaneous Photos

I have been catching up with works since my return from Indonesia. Glimpses of beautiful memories from Bali kept visiting my mind, though at some point I would have to pull myself away from daydreaming of relaxing with rice field view in front of me...

Things happening in the studio:

☺I got awesome news that my painting will be part of Staten Island Museum's group exhibition this month (opening reception June 28th from 6-8pm)

☺I just started on two new paintings. The previous ones still need some love but they're almost done. I will share progress shots of the new ones soon.

☺Quick snapshots of my almost finished painting and my experiment with small sculptures

a work in progress - almost done
We went to visit Martin Wittfooth's studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn last Sunday. It was part of Bushwick Open Studios event, so there were also other artists in the building opened their studios for viewing.

Martin just moved to this new studio and from what I could see, the place was perfect. It is so spacious and  has tons of light. You can feel the great creative energy when you steps in there.
His studio is surrounded by some new paintings he's working on for his solo show at Corey Helford Gallery in September, so I couldn't share those images here. Most of the paintings are quite different from the ones exhibited on his last solo show at Lyons Wier Gallery. All I can say is his solo show will be an another great one:)

Also stopped by to check out Adam Miller's studio next door. Adam is a contemporary figure painter who had an extensive training in classical painting.  Impressive works can be found around his cozy studio space.

Then checked out an art installation by Jae Song , who presented a single piece of 16mm film that loops around 2 projectors to create a conversation between a past and future self.
It was quite fascinating to see and definitely piqued my curiosity.

Stopped by at Alexandra Pacula's studio and had a nice chat with her. Her work captures the atmosphere of the city at night. You need to take the time to view each painting to see the magic in it. Each light has different shapes and gives form to an illusion of magical spirits that occupy the city:)

The beautiful artist with her paintings
Next adventure was Andrew Cornell Robinson's studio. We were welcomed by this warm and friendly artist who introduced us to his fascinating works that included ceramics, sculpture, and work on paper. He shared  a story of how he got the inspiration of creating multiple small ceramics after seeing interesting shapes he created from his fist. One example that inspiration can be from anywhere as long as you keep working.

His positive energy and passion are contagious. I saw visitors leaving his studio with happy faces, including me and DH.  Glad I could visit his cozy studio filled with creativity.

Interesting shapes from his fist:)
We got so hungry afterward and decided to take a walk around Bushwick to find a place for early dinner.  We found this yummy Peruvian restaurant, Chimu Express. I love properly spiced food, so this place got approval from my tastebuds. The portion was so generous that I had to ask the waiter to box my dessert to go. It was already a bit late after we finished dinner and we didn't want to be on the road after dark, so we decided to go home. There were still so many studios in Bushwick that I wish I could see; if only I lived closer.

Medio pollo, arroz frito, y ensalada for me; aji de Gallina for DH; and chicha morada to share at Chimu Express
The weather was really weird that day. Sunny but rainy and breezy.
Pretty rainbow started to show in Bushwick
Then double rainbows!

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