Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Progress from "Painting My Own World" and Other Itty Bitty Things

It's a beautiful gloomy day here. Yes, I do love gloomy days more than sunny days. I just feel more energized and motivated when it's gloomy outside, and also the world just looks more beautiful when it's gloomy. I'm kind of weird that way:)
I'm working on my latest painting slowly since I'm also currently dividing my time on doing something completely new (sculpting). The sculpture itself looks like a weird puppet:) It's still really basic and I know I have to work lots on making her looks like a decent puppet. I just wanted to string the whole part before doing more and eventually paint her. Reallyyyy slow.
Some photos from my painting progress, silly puppet, and blooming amaryllis flowers in my room. All the nicer quality photos are by DH:)

The pattern for her top is from my fascination over Indonesian Kebaya. Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by women. You would pair it with a long batik skirt. My grandma back home wears Kebaya everyday, and it's the traditional kind which will take longer effort to put on.  I didn't wear Kebaya that often, only for special occasion like for my graduation or family wedding. I went for something a bit easier to wear, for example the traditional kind you have to wrap the whole batik fabric as skirt and use safety pin, but I chose basically a long batik skirt with zipper. Kebaya blouse will cover the skirt, so you can't even tell the difference...well, at least I can't:)  Last time I wore it was for my brother's wedding. My mom actually arranged for a dressmaker to make a custom one for me. My mom ordered two Kebayas for me. I brought them with me, but I never have any excuses to wear them:)


Rebecca Anthony said...

I love your colors and the details on her dress are incredible!

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Rebecca. Glad that you like it:)