Friday, January 21, 2011

January's Painting in Progress

Sorry for the lack of update since I had no internet connection for almost a week. None of us suspected that it was the modem, because it happened right after the first blizzard. It started by having quick intermittent problem and slowly had gotten worse. I know that this will make me sound like an addict for technology, but is so lonely without internet connection, it's like you're isolated to the whole things going on outside.
I've been meaning to share these two photos of my painting (a bit of study and a bit of fun) on paper. I have this left over small papers that I know it'll go on waste if I don't turn into something. So I painted this girl. It was pretty quick, there was neither underpainting process nor layers and layers of colors. The other one is a quick drawing. You can see the embossed of the paper brand in the corner...he he.

Aside from that fun things, I'm currently working on this painting. It's still under one of those beginning phases, working slowly while my mind suddenly thought into something to add or change into this painting. The other paintings are actually done, but we just haven't had a chance to take photo of them. DH basically needs to create a quick photo studio space in my space. That means I have to move some things away around this tiny room, so he'll have enough room to put his equipment. We're going to post them soon:)
If you live in Northeast, I hope you stay warm and cozy.

A peek of my current painting


SaraLynnArt said...

All of your women are so beautiful. I adore the flowing hair of the woman in the last painting.

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Sara. I'll tell those women that you think they're beautiful..he he. They'll be delighted to hear that.

Tasli Shaw said...

I love the rainbow/oil slick like background detail in the "perfume" piece. So nice!

Heidi Alamanda said...

Thanks Tasli:) I haven't worked more on the background. You'll see what it actually is once I work on it further.