Monday, September 13, 2010

Bold Hype "Things to Come", Alex Gross "Discrepancies", and Esao Andrews "Solid Void"

We went to the city last Thursday and Saturday. Bold Hype had the opening after closed for summer. Lots and lots of cool artworks at their group exhibition from artists that you maybe already familiar with. Aron Wiesenfield, Allison Sommers, Chris Buzzeli, Dan May, and Nathan Spoor are just to name a few.

Travis seemed to have an interesting story going on while Eric and James were looking attentively:)

Allison next to her highly detailed painting.

Our favorite painting by Joe Scarano

Chris Buzelli

 Dan May

We like this one too from Aron Wiesenfeld

All in all, it was a great night. There were several openings going on around there. RARE gallery, Bold Hype's neighbor, had an opening that night and wow it was just cramped. The gallery was a bit small and there were way too many people there. I really wanted to see the artwork since they all looked pretty cool and scifi looking, but I just couldn't handle to stay there longer. I felt a bit claustrophobic and it was hard to see the artwork up close since people tend to hang out around the painting (I mean socializing but looking away from the painting...weird). DH managed to snap this one.

Jean-Pierre Roy

We swung by at Joshua Liner Gallery before leaving to check out Dave Kinsey's works

Dave Kinsey

We headed back to the city on Saturday a bit early so we could have lunch at Koreatown for some Korean foods and bakery. First stop was Gahm Mi Oak for a filling lunch, then walked around for a bit before had another round at Koryodong for yummy treats, iced green tea latte and squishy breads.

Kimchee. This one is sooo good

Happy boy with his tasty lunch

Cappucino mousse and iced green tea latte at Koryodong

We went to Jonathan Levine Gallery with happy tummy:) Jonathan Levine had two solo shows of Alex Gross and Esao Andrews. I've been a fan of Alex Gross' artwork for a while and I found Esao Andrews' works not too long ago and was completely in awe. I was lucky to meet Esao and Alex right after I stepped in the gallery. They both were standing next to the front desk, so it was very easy to spot. I sort of knew Alex (I said sort of because we were both connected through facebook hehe), but have never talked to Esao at all. I always feel nervous when it comes to meeting new people and that happened during that night but of course I tried to brush it off...pheww. Fortunately, they both were super nice and friendly. Esao was awesome and it was funny of how shy he looked when I basically told him that his paintings blew me away. Alex was really busy that night talking to a lot of people but we got a chance to talk to him for a bit. I ran into Allison at the gallery...what a surprise! She's always so much fun to talk to. Overall, it was a great night full of good foods and artworks...what more can you ask?

Alex Gross

Esao Andrews



Alex Gross'

Alex Gross'

The lovely Allison Sommers

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