Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Finished Painting and More in Progress. Happy yayy!

I have finally finished the painting I showed you last time. I worked on the last details yesterday and fixed tiny things that didn't look right. My sweetie took a photo of it and he also updated my website with the new image. I really really really appreciate that:)

 Here's the pic that's also up on my website

I Can't Please Everyone
oil on linen. 20"x24"

I started working on another one

I snapped this one with my camera. You can see the different in quality between these two images:). I'll be working on her for a while until the whole thing just looks right to me. Will keep you updated.

We're going to see Michael Shapcott's show today. It's called Onawa, which means wide awake. It should be a pretty cool show and I'm excited to see his works in person.

I hope you've had beautiful Spring so far and have a great weekend:)

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